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With over 86,000 courses to choose from, your choices are (virtually) endless. To help narrow it down for you, we have selected only six courses that you should definitely sign up for in March of this year.

Our top picks in technology, project management, and business are:

Technical course

Want to understand how AI works internally? Looking to fight cybercrime? Interested in learning the skills needed to fight a robot uprising? You need to study the technique.

Covering a wide range of disciplines, this sector is growing forever, creating a need for certified professionals. In the last four years alone, the field of technology has expanded significantly by 150% *.

Therefore, no matter what area of ​​technology you are interested in, qualification guarantees a future career.

Top course: The Master’s degree in artificial intelligence technology And that Master of Cyber ​​Security from Northumbria University..

Master’s Program Cyber ​​Security

This master’s program provides advanced and specialized knowledge and skills in the field of cybersecurity. Combined with technology risk management practices, you can gain a critical understanding of information governance and assurance.

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Project management course

If you are an organized person with a passion for taking the lead, a project management career may be for you.

Not only can you work in different industries, but you can also earn a profitable salary. According to’s salary checker, UK project professionals earn an average of £ 55,000 a year.

Want to get the skills your employer wants? Start studying project management today.

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Top course: The Master of International Project Management And that Master of Program and Project Management from Northumbria University..

Master’s Program and Project Management

This master’s program is ideal for anyone seeking a generalist qualification to help them further develop their project management knowledge and skills, especially in the context of leadership and strategic management.

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Business course

Face it, business is by no means a thing. This means that people with good business skills are always in demand.

Roles in the business are very diverse, but usually through performance analysis and improvement suggestions, or risk assessment and mitigation, ensure that all elements of the organization are working to their full potential. To do.

Want to get a qualification? Let’s get into business.

Top course: The MBA And that Master’s Program International Business by Data Analysis from Ulster University London & Birmingham..


This MBA is a general management course for motivated and established middle managers from various business sectors. Once completed, you will be able to add value through an integrated, applied, and critical understanding of management.

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*sauce: Tech Nation..