Are you ready to take action in March of this year?

got it. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that this month’s weather (and / or fence safety) will be maintained. However, there are currently more than 300,000 jobs and restrictions have been relaxed across the UK (including guidance on working from home). can Help you find your perfect job.

Whether you are looking for your first job later graduationLater returning to work Career breakOr looking for Job changeHere are 5 of the best companies we’re hiring at this month.

Frankie & Benny’s

Frankie & Benny’s is part of The Restaurant Group (TRG) and has been serving Italian-American cuisine since 1995. Currently, there are about 95 restaurants in the UK, and we also trade distribution apps under the BirdBox virtual brand. , Stack and Devonly pie.

The story behind Frankie & Benny’s is that in 1924 Frankie Giuliani and his parents left Sicily for New York. A year later, the family opened their first restaurant. Frankie became friends with Benny’s at school, and in 1953 they took over the family restaurant and became Frankie & Benny’s.Of course, the first restaurant actually Opened in 1995, none of this is true – but it’s a great story!

Frankie & Benny’s now has many openings, including server, bartender, and chef roles. So, if you like cooking modern Italian classics and want a career that suits your appetite, get your application on pronto.

Demanding role:

Benefits of working at Frankie & Benny’s:

  • Up to 50% discount on all TRG brands, unlimited number of guests
  • Free meals at any time during work
  • Flexible shift patterns, discounted gym membership, etc.
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position: All over the UK including Maidstone, Dundee, London and Lincoln

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Hart is the UK’s largest independent realtor and has offices throughout the UK from Bradford to Plymouth. Every year, it helps tens of thousands of people buy, sell, rent and rent homes.

Future mortgage advisors, sales negotiators, and real estate appraisers are now specifically seeking a heart to play a role nationwide. And don’t worry if you don’t have any previous experience. With many trainee and apprentice positions available, it’s the perfect company for anyone looking to start their career.

Have you lost your love for your work? Let’s restore your heart today …

Demanding role:

Three things you may not know about the heart:

  • Heart Group has more than 140 branches in the UK
  • To reduce carbon emissions, some branches make round trips to and from car sharing or booking
  • This group has raised over £ 1m for the charity Magic Moments

position: All over the UK including Hayes, Birmingham, Colchester and Cambridge

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Vision Express

Vision Express believes that you don’t have to suffer from poor eyesight.

That’s why Vision Express not only sells a variety of eyeglasses, lenses, sunglasses and accessories, but also offers vision tests for adults and children, as well as eye health tests for conditions such as glaucoma.

Currently, there are about 570 stores in the UK alone, and there are affiliated stores in Poland and India. This is just one of the reasons why hiring is often high on the priority list.

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Today, more than 30 roles are offered, from optical assistants to customer service and payroll assistants. So if you’re positive, enthusiastic, and attractive (and / or need a better pair of frames), contact us today.

It’s time to take your vision (see also your career) seriously.

Demanding role:

retail: Retail optics assistant, Assistant store manager

finance: Accounts payable processor, Senior Assistant Management Accountant

other: Customer Service Advisor, Professional development coordinator

The benefits of working with Vision Express are:

  • Up to 38 days of paid leave (depending on length of service)
  • Flexible work and career breaks
  • Free eyewear and generous discounts for you, your family and friends

position: All over the UK including Gateshead, Cranleigh, Nottingham and Fareham

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Looking for a career in the financial industry? Try local banks around the world …

The story behind HSBC is very noteworthy. A Scottish man named Thomas Sutherland founded what is known as HSBC in Hong Kong in 1865. What is surprising about this is that Thomas Sutherland had no experience in banking. After reading an article in the newspaper, he was urged to set up a local bank. It’s just a show and anything you can do if you turn to it!

Today, HSBC is a multinational bank with operations in approximately 64 countries and serving more than 40 million customers. HSBC’s operations are divided into three divisions: Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Markets, Wealth and Personal Banking. In 2020, HSBC generated $ 50.4 billion in revenue.

HSBC is looking for several roles throughout March, from customer service to providing financial advice.

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Demanding role:

Three fast facts about HSBC:

  • Headquartered in Canary Wharf, London
  • Over 50% of employees are women
  • HSBC stands for Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

position: All over the UK including Chester, Plymouth, Manchester and Swansea

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AA, short for Automobile Association, has kept drivers on British roads safe since 1905. Cars at the time weren’t fast, but they weren’t designed with safety in mind.

Initially, AA used bicycles to carry out traffic safety patrols, but in 1968 it was replaced by a car. As you may not know, AA actually pioneered the first roadside petrol pump.

AA has expanded its business and today offers car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, car finance and indemnity. A business sideline is the operation of a star rating system for hospitality environments such as hotels, B & Bs, and self-catering accommodations. AA also operates a rosette rating system for restaurants.

So if you want a job that will take you, apply for a job at AA now.

Demanding role:

Benefits of working at AA:

  • Discounts on other AA products such as home insurance and pet insurance
  • Significant discounts with other brands
  • Access to employee benefits for you and your family

position: All over the UK including Bristol, Dover, Glasgow and Sheffield

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