The Neuroscience Platform aims to unleash employee creativity.

NeuroCreate has raised £ 150,000 in SEIS funding from investors, including Jenson Funding Partners, to further develop the AI-led platform FlowCreate. It also aims to improve cognitive health and enable employees to achieve their best performance.

The SaaS platform is a creative role as a facilitator to accelerate creative processes through digitized creative methods and tools, and as a provocative to challenge assumptions that help users identify blind spots. Navigate employees through stages.

AI Collaborator is a visual tool that stimulates human creativity by inspiring, expanding and analyzing ideas for creative industry professionals in the areas of strategy and content creation. By providing a flexible digital innovation framework, innovators guide professionals through different stages of creative awareness.

The company is already in the spotlight from creative, innovation and design companies that validate product beta and pricing strategies. NeuroCreate announced positive results of AI-human collaboration in more than 100 trials to improve creative productivity and mental flexibility, and was subsequently funded by Innovate UK for the platform. ..

NeuroCreate was founded by CEO Dr. Shama Rahman, an expert in interdisciplinary creativity. Dr. Rahman holds an interdisciplinary PhD in the framework of neuroscience and creative innovation, as well as a career as a musician, performance artist and actor.

Her research and unique deep learning algorithms to accurately detect “flow” brain patterns underpin NeuroCreate’s technology.

Exceptional Northern Founder Building a Global Business

“Creativity is an important skill for an organization to develop because it excels in growth, revenue, market share, and, importantly, employee well-being and productivity,” says Dr. Rahman.

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“Therefore, the value gained by strengthening the creative state of mind through the innovative approach of’neurodesign’, which designs ethical digital products for the prosperity of the human mind, is enormous.

“We believe that a key element of Future of Work is to use AI to enhance creative processes and enable employees to achieve a“ flow ”state.

“This not only improves the productivity and outcomes of the organization, but it also has a significant impact on employee well-being and engagement.”