Six Manchester United Managers have been sitting in Old Trafford bargains since Red Devils won the house Champions League knockout Match.United Frustrated and frustrated by the typical stubborn and resolute Atletico Madrid Performance that may be trademarked by Diego Simeone.

Regarding personnel, Ralf Rangnick’s The side should have had more than enough to overcome the rule LaLiga champion.However, Simeone, the manager who dragged Atletico into the two Champions League With the final, two Europa League titles Currently, he orders the highest salary of any manager on the planet. Collective identities and strategies have often proven to be more than sufficient for any team.

His timeless, determined, and often nasty approach is rooted in all Atletico players before they cross the white line on the Wanda Metropolitano pitch. A new manager, a new signature, a new captain, a new reconstruction, and another new project have been voiced in the wake of their departure, But as Jose Mourinho saidThey are A monumental change in direction has already been made before.

“In the last 7 years Manchester city The champion says twice and three times as needed. They were second twice. That’s a legacy. ”

“Do you know what heritage is? [Nicolas] Otamendi, Kevin De Bruyne, Fernandinho, [David] Silver, [Raheem] Sterling, [Sergio] Aguero. These are investments from the past, not the last two years. “

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Many people, including Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan Bisaka, and Paul Pogba, are said to be at risk of showing their doors at United. Magwire and Wanbisaka have undergone the same level of scrutiny as Chris Smalling and Phil Jones.

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Mourinho warned Manchester United about the dangers of starting new projects on a regular basis

Smalling was later lent and then sold to Rome, but injuries and new signatures have given Jones more opportunities to play in U23 than the first team since 2020. According to a survey by the CIES Soccer Observatory, United owns the second most expensive team. In world football.

Manchester City’s team’s financial value is slightly higher than United, but in terms of football, it’s a light-year ahead of the Reds. A significant lack of unity and direction has been prominent not only in Rangnick’s reign, but also in most United teams since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement.

United’s current crops should be torn and displayed on the same page instead of starting over. “If United brings Mbappe and Harland this summer, that’s not a problem. United isn’t going to win the league. It doesn’t matter who they bring. It needs to be top-down.” Resolutely Rio Ferdinand Said after the match.

“Once you have the right manager and the right person, it will take at least a couple of years to start challenging the trophy. By the way, Liverpool And the city is now setting high standards. Neither Klopp nor Guardiola won the trophy during their first season at the club because they were given the freedom to form and form a team.

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Ole Gunnar Solskaer has Cristiano Ronaldo, Sancho and Raphaël Varane were dropped to his side along with the huge rocks of hope. All the wheels that started in second place last season came off at a terrifying speed, and Rangnick, a supposed professor of Gegenpress, was acquired in the short term.

Rangnick’s boardroom time can be successful if he and his next permanent manager are given the time needed to lay the groundwork for a team to challenge the title. The football heritage is created over time, and United’s next boss needs a lot of heritage to challenge the top tournaments.

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Manchester United need to pay attention to Jose Mourinho’s warning after the Champions League are sent off at Atletico Madrid

Source link Manchester United need to pay attention to Jose Mourinho’s warning after the Champions League are sent off at Atletico Madrid