Russia’s OnlyFans creators noticed that their accounts were blocked over the weekend as the platform responded to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine (credit: Getty).

Russian models using the OnlyFans platform were blocked over the weekend and their accounts were restored.

Some creators from Russia And Belarus complained that their OnlyFans account was blocked as a result of Putin’s invasion. Ukraine..

“I’m from Russia. And I’m an artist, not a soldier with weapons. I want to continue my art and make people around me happy, not fighting.” Lina, a Russian cosplayer who uses the handle @_Black_Way_, said.

“I don’t support this war, but like other creators in Russia, I’ve become that hostage. Models, cosplayers, artists, YouTube, etc. We all block on our platform I realized that I couldn’t make money from the platform just because I was a Russian or because I was Russian, “she tweeted.

The infamous platform seems to have revisited and opened a blocked account.

However, it has been pointed out that global sanctions on Russia can make it difficult for models and artists to get paid for their posts.

“We are disappointed with the recent tragic events in Ukraine,” a spokesman for OnlyFans told Rolling Stone.

“As a global business, OnlyFans stands on the side of the creators and understands that they are not responsible for these vicious acts.

“Unfortunately, due to subsequent global financial constraints, payment methods for creator accounts linked to Russia and Belarus are very limited. To protect creator accounts, new subscriptions are not accepted. , The current subscription will not be renewed when it expires.

People affected by the block used Twitter to let their followers know what was happening and asked for ways to recover their income.

“Creating OnlyFans content has been my main job for over a year now,” the creator of OnlyFans, called SixSex Planes, told Rolling Stone. “Without it, we wouldn’t be able to pay for everything we need to live, such as rent and food.”

Some OnlyFans creators in Russia rely on the platform to make money (credit: Getty)

However, OnlyFans is not the only social media platform in Russia that restricts access to accounts.

This week, Meta, which owns Facebook, He said he is restricting access to the area.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg – People currently working on Facebook – I visited Twitter this week and confirmed the following: ‘We have also contacted the Ukrainian government and, at their request, have also restricted access to several Ukrainian accounts, including accounts belonging to the Russian state media organization.

Add Meta:’There is a team of native Russian and Ukrainian content reviewers to assist in reviewing potentially violating content.

“We also use technology to expand the work of content review teams, prioritizing content that they should spend their time on, and allowing infringing content to be removed before it becomes infected with a virus. I am. “

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