Happy First Mothers Day:  Celebrating 1st mothers day as a mother is indeed a different and alluring feeling for any woman. You feel happy when you do Mothers Day celebration preparation for your mother but you feel beyond blessed when your kids do the same for you. Your first mothers day will always be special more than anything else and you should prepare yourself to be thrilled, surprised, tired, and dazzled. To make the first mothers day celebration memorable for your mother, daughter, or friend, we have come up with the sweetest happy first mothers day quotes. Best 1st mothers day wishes, and emotional first mothers day messages that will sway away from the confusion of what to jot down in a mothers day card.

First Mothers Day Messages for Mom from Baby

From the innermost corner of my heart, I wish a happy 1st mothers day to my super intellectual and loving mom. Be healthy, keep inspiring, and bless us all the time.

On the auspicious occasion of first mothers day, I want to extend my heartiest and warmest wishes to the creator of my life. May Lord always keep a smile on your face and love in your heart.

First Mothers Day Messages for Mom from Baby

The first mothers day celebration is quite special for every woman and you should be happy that you are getting so much love from nephews, nieces, and your own kids. Happy first mothers day and have a blasting celebration!

Being a mother is one of the most delightful and fulfilling feelings in the world. I am pretty sure you must be embracing motherhood to the fullest. Happy 1st mothers day to the sweetest mom ever!

My loveliest mom, though you became a mother a long time ago, this is the first time I am organizing a mothers day party only for you. So for me, it’s your happy first mothers day celebration and I want you to savor every moment of the celebration to the fullest!

Dear mom, you deserve all the praise and accolades of the world for being such a cool and understanding mother. I am blessed to have you as my creator as well as guardian. Happy first mothers day, and may the Lord give you all the coveted happiness of the world!

Blessed are those kids who get unconditional love and unwavering support from their mothers. Fortunately, I am one of the blessed kids. Thank you mom for everything and happy 1st mothers day!

Dear mother, you are celebrating the first mothers day and I don’t want to leave any stone unturned to make you feel extraordinary. Happy first mothers day and may you have a special one!

It gives a different level of happiness to mothers in heaps when their little ones plan something special and heart-tugging for them. Mom, be ready to be dazzled on mothers day. Wish you a very happy first mothers day!

I must say I couldn’t have found a better and bubblier mommy than you. I wish you a mirthful first mothers day!

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Happy First Mothers Day Quotes from Husband

Hey sweetheart, you have hit the husband jackpot, I have hit the wife jackpot, and your kid has hit the mommy Jackpot. Happy 1st mothers day to the cutest mother ever!

Maybe I don’t deserve you as a wife but your kids surely deserve you as a mother. Cheers to your motherhood and happy first mothers day to you!

Happy First Mothers Day Quotes from Husband

You are a quirky and loving wife, an obedient daughter-in-law, but above all, a beautiful and compassionate mother who knows how to bring glitter to anyone’s life. Happy first mothers day to you!

I am not worried about my children’s future because I know you will carve only the best for them. You become more beautiful after becoming a mother. Wish you a joyous first mothers day celebration!

I cannot deny the fact that you are a wonder woman and you can perform millions of tasks at once. You are the best damn wife I could ever have. Happy first mothers day!

Hey wife, seeing you become a supportive and caring mother is enthralling. I wish you continue to become more loving towards kids and more raunchy towards me. Happy first mothers day to you!

Thank you so much wife for making our family wonderful and giving me the two best and most lovely kids. God bless you with everything you deserve. Happy mothers day!

It’s because of you, parenting looks so seamless and hassle-free to me. You deserve the mommy of the year award. Happy first mothers day to you!

May the exuberant first mothers day celebration heaps of heart-tugging memories in your life and etch them permanently in your mind. Sit back and enjoy the day!

Dear wife, your babies are literally the whole world to you and you can do anything to make them smile and carve a glittering future. Enjoy the first mothers day celebration to the fullest!

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Happy First Mothers Day Wishes to Daughter

Hey daughter, I have to say that you are really rocking and enjoying the parenting phase and I am also really happy for you. May you create oodles of sweet memories with your little ones. Happy first mothers day daughter!

You are an exceptional daughter which gives me a lucid idea that you will turn out to be an exemplary mommy for your runts. God bless your soul and happy 1st mothers day!

Happy First Mothers Day Wishes to Daughter

Dear daughter, it’s time for you to celebrate the motherhood you embraced with the birth of your kid. You are rocking the ‘momming’ job. Wish you a mirthful first mothers day!

Hey daughter, I just love watching you continuously when you pamper your kids. I wish I could get the same love from my mother that you give to your kids. Have a great first mothers day celebration!

My heart fills with immense pride when I see you hustling hard to give the best nurturing and virtues to your kids. It’s because of you I feel pride in my parenting. Happy first mothers day, daughter!

On your first mothers day celebration, I wish you a day full of minimum chores and maximum joy. Let your kids make you feel mesmerizing. Happy first mothers day!

From the sweetest corner of my heart, I wish you a happy first mothers day full of jaw-dropping and heart-warming moments!

Till yet, you were doing preparations for all the past mothers day celebrations? Now your kids are doing the same for you. How does that feel? Surely amazing! Happy first mothers day!

Someday, your kids will shower you with gratefulness and thank you messages for being such a commendable and loving mommy. Be safe, be happy, be grateful, and enjoy your first mothers day celebration!

Hey sweetheart, your little ones have done sheer hard work to make your mothers day celebration thumping. You are lucky to have such beautiful cuties. Happy first mothers day to you!

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