Exactpro, a leading software testing service provider for financial market infrastructure, today announced that it has signed an agreement demonstrating Exactpro’s commitment to long-term investment in Sri Lanka and has acquired Investment Commission (BOI) status in Sri Lanka. did.

The announcement follows the news that Exactpro entered Sri Lanka in July 2021 by opening a distribution center in Colombo and appointing Jagath De Silva as CEO of Exactpro Systems Sri Lanka in October 2021.

BOI status in the region allows Exactpro to continue to strengthen its support for global clients, including major UK and US exchanges and companies. Most importantly, this expansion will allow Exactpro to leverage Sri Lanka’s extensive talent pool and expand its support for existing and new global projects.

Exactpro works closely with Sri Lanka-based higher education institutions. The team has already met with the Institute of Information Technology (IIT), the Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) of Sri Lanka, and NSBM Green University in the last two weeks, and discussions are underway to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU). A strong partnership in the future. Meetings with many other universities in the country are also planned in the near future as part of Exactpro’s efforts to help local students learn more about software testing and quality assurance careers in the financial technology sector.

Alexey Zverev, co-CEO and co-founder of Exactpro, said: “We are pleased to continue to grow in Sri Lanka as part of our long-term business strategy to expand our capabilities in the Asia Pacific region. We have long been successful in working with key technology specialists in Sri Lanka. We hope that the Exactpro Delivery Center, which has a long history and is here in Colombo, will help drive the company’s efforts to further develop Exactpro’s next-generation framework for test automation. “

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Exactpro is already partnering with several projects in the Sri Lankan market, including a local provider of Wealth Management Software (SaaS) as a service and a provider of cloud-native blockchain-enabled financial market infrastructure technology. Both efforts contribute to the successful history of collaboration between Exactpro and local experts, which began over a decade ago with MillenniumIT (now LSEG Technology Sri Lanka).

Regarding this news, Jagath De Silva, CEO of Exactpro Systems-Sri Lanka, said: We hope that this recognition will bring benefits to both the Exactpro business and the Sri Lankan labor market. “

The company will hire 60-70 local specialists this year and will scale up to more than 100 team members by 2023.

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