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Neuroscience platform “Unleash employee creativity”

investment The Neuroscience Platform aims to unleash employee creativity. NeuroCreate has raised £ 150,000 in SEIS funding from investors, including Jenson Funding Partners, to further develop the AI-led platform FlowCreate. It also aims to improve cognitive health and enable employees to achieve their best performance. The SaaS platform is a creative role as ...

A fabric that “listens” to your heartbeat created by scientists

Photograph of sound absorbing fiber and cloth issued by MIT. (Credit: PA) Researchers have created a fabric that allows you to hear your heartbeat. This material acts like a microphone, converting sound into vibrations and then into electrical signals, much like you can hear them. All fabrics vibrate in response to sound, ...

Exactpro Systems ensures the status of Sri Lanka’s investment committee

Exactpro, a leading software testing service provider for financial market infrastructure, today announced that it has signed an agreement demonstrating Exactpro’s commitment to long-term investment in Sri Lanka and has acquired Investment Commission (BOI) status in Sri Lanka. did. The announcement follows the news that Exactpro entered Sri Lanka in July 2021 ...

Shares announces social investment app in the UK

FinTechinvestment A social investment app with over 60,000 waiting lists has been launched in the UK, revealing a Series A funding round of £ 30m. Headquartered in Paris and with offices in London and Krakow, Poland, the stock already employs 140 people. The share app is now available for download from ...

In Russia’s OnlyFans model, the account will be restored after blocking

Russia’s OnlyFans creators noticed that their accounts were blocked over the weekend as the platform responded to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine (credit: Getty). Russian models using the OnlyFans platform were blocked over the weekend and their accounts were restored. Some creators from Russia And Belarus complained that their OnlyFans account was blocked ...

Butchers returned Dixon to the black after a “challenging” period in which retailers grew sales

Dixons, a butcher chain in the northeast, has returned to the black after a “challenge” period following a restructuring and strong performance across the sector. The South Shields company posted an account for the year ended June 30, 2021, famous for its saveroy dips, pies, cooked meats and sausages. Acting as a supermarket ...
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