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100+ Brendon Burchard Quotes on Energy & High Performance

Brendon Burchard Quotes: A car accident survivor at the age of 19, Brendon Burchard’s perspective towards life and himself changed completely after that incident and propelled him to find the answer to the most elemental and existential questions. Currently, Brendon Burchard is one of the top-notch and highest-paid motivational and person growth trainers in ...

100+ Brené Brown Quotes on Vulnerability, Leadership, Courage, Empathy

Brene Brown Quotes: Majorly popular for his TED talk on the topic “The Power of Vulnerability” and her New York Times bestselling book “Six Number one”, Casandra Brené Brown is an eminent American research professor, best-selling author, host of a successful podcast, lecturer, Public speaker, and clinical social worker. After completing his Bachelors in ...

100+ Angela Duckworth Quotes on Grit & Determination

Angela Duckworth Quotes:  Widely known for her deep and path-breaking research on grit, Angela Lee Duckworth is one of the most fabled and respected American psychologists and science authors. Angela was born in 1970 and has a very humble beginning. Her parents moved to America where she graduated from Cherry Hill high school east, ...

81 Adam Grant Quotes on Leadership, Culture, Rethinking

Adam Grant Quotes: Risen to fame from his book ‘Give & Take: The Revolutionary Approach to Success”, Adam Grant is a name that needs no introduction in the realm of psychology. Born in West Bloomfield, Michigan, to a lawyer father and a teacher mother, he aspired to be a professional basketball player in his ...
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