Dixons, a butcher chain in the northeast, has returned to the black after a “challenge” period following a restructuring and strong performance across the sector.

The South Shields company posted an account for the year ended June 30, 2021, famous for its saveroy dips, pies, cooked meats and sausages.

Acting as a supermarket supplier and wholesaler with its own 31-store chain, the business saw sales increase from £ 12.73 million to £ 14.4m, with an operating loss of £ 92,109 last year and a profit of £ 727,444 after reopening. Converted to. Covid-19 restrictions have ended.

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The pre-tax loss of £ 109,204 in the previous year also turned into a profit of £ 712,607, with an overall annual profit of £ 417,278.

That year, the company received £ 333,929 of government support for grants, loans and a coronavirus employment retention scheme. After some significant business restructuring, it fell from 336 to 293. “

In a report accompanying the accounting, the company said in the fiscal year that the pandemic triggered a complete reopening of all but two retail sites. Despite continued closures, retail sales increased 19% and wholesale business sales fell 3% and recovered 5% during the full Covid-19 limit. This was seen as a very positive result by the Board of Directors. ..

“The footsteps of the boulevard continue to decline, and the ever-increasing popularity of online orders seems to indicate that sales in the region are growing, but the importance of small communities. The local sites that form the part are not so much affected. In all cases. “

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After publishing the account, Managing Director Chris Hayman said:

“Covid’s pandemic has imposed a number of trading restrictions on us, most notably the closure of the closed retail site.

“The introduction of the online delivery app in February 2020 helped offset the impact and become an increasingly important source of revenue as customers adapted to online orders.

“New listings and brand loyalty helped increase overall wholesale sales by 5% over the year to June 30, 2021 and reflect the expansion of reach across the wholesale market.

“Our results also reflect ongoing innovation in operations during the period, but leadership team development is to address ongoing financial challenges as we approach the 70th year of trading. We provide a powerful platform for our outstanding workforce. “

Butchers returned Dixon to the black after a “challenging” period in which retailers grew sales

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