Birthday Wishes for Stepson: For a woman, playing the role of a stepmother is one of the most cumbersome things to do. Accepting someone else kid and giving him the place of your own son is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not only do you have to change the way you live and think but also you have to adapt to the lifestyle of your stepson, and that you can only do when you become a selfless and love radiating woman. Here is a stunning and beautiful compilation of happy birthday wishes for stepson that would make your little tot feel extraordinary and belonged.

Birthday Wishes for Stepson

You are not my stepson while you are the real one. May you forever be in the garden of heaven! Happy birthday stepson!

For all these years I have never felt you are my stepson. You are dutiful and obedient. May you achieve everything in your life! Happy birthday stepson!

You have come in my life like an angel. You are not my stepson while the real one. May you forever be happiest! Happy birthday my lovely stepson!

Birthday Wishes for Stepson

Whatever the world says, you are my cute real son. May you love yourself always! Wishing you happy birthday my son!

You are the star of my heart. You are the jewel of my heart. May you always fly in this worldly sky! Wishing happy birthday my dear step son!

As your father I am always with you and doing everything for you I can to make your life best. May you have all the blessings! Happy birthday my stepson!

You are so lovely my stepson. You are talented too. You are like a little angel to me. May you have all the strength in your life! Happy birthday my stepson!

You are beautiful my stepson. You are mannered and nice talking person. I love you. May you have all the wealth in your life! Happy birthday my dear stepson!

You are handsome. You are man of your words and so well behaved. I admire you son. May God always show you the right path! Happy birthday stepson!

You are a virtuous son. You are kind and sober man. May you have all the fruits of your efforts in life! Happy birthday my lovely stepson!

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Happy Birthday Messages for Stepson

With tying the wedding knot with your father, I also got a wonderful son who quickly became dearest to me. Thank you for accepting me as your real mother and making me an integral part of your life. Happy birthday to my lovely stepson!

I know you lost your real mother at quite a young age and I also know that I can’t fill up the shoes of your mother. However, my love, care, and attention for you will never waver. I am proud to call you the lovely son of my husband. Happy birthday, stepson!

Happy Birthday Messages for Stepson

It really takes a strong spine and crazy big heart for a little kid to accept a stranger woman as his mother. I am not your biological mother but I love you more than my own real son. Let’s keep our emotional connection intact till the end. Wishing a cheerful birthday to my handsome stepson!

Our relationship goes way deeper than blood and genetics. The day you have entered my life, my notion of motherhood has redefined completely. I love you more than anything else and happy birthday to you!

The whole world speculated that you and I won’t share a great equation but we proved everyone wrong from the beginning and lived a beautiful and serene life together. Happy birthday to my new best friend and an obedient stepson!

Most of the time, you will find on movies and t.v serials that stepmothers and stepsons get along well and they have stereotyped this relation perfectly. However, in real life, we have shattered all perceptions and stereotypes. Wishing a splendid birthday to my awesome stepson!

I haven’t had the most blissful experience of giving birth to a son, but you have never let me feel the dearth of that relation. I love cuddling, hugging, and quarreling with you. Thank you to your father for giving me such an alluring and sensible son. Wishing happy birthday to the best stepson ever!

You were the first member of this family who welcomed me with an open heart and a big smile on his face. You have always given me the respect and love a mother always deserves and craves from her kids. You are the best damn thing that happened to me after the marriage. Happy birthday, stepson!

One of the best perks that come with marrying a man with kids is that you become a mother without experiencing the excruciating pain of pregnancy. May you enjoy your day partying crazy with your friends and your parents. Happy birthday to my sweet stepson!

Like I fell for your father in an instant, I have also fallen in love with you within a blink of an eye. You are a kid with supreme intelligence, a golden heart, and an admirable nature. I love you to the moon and back. Have a stellar birthday celebration, my stepson!

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