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Marriage Anniversary Wishes for parents

Marriage is the beautiful thing that happens in the lifetime of a person. It is a bond of love, longing and passion that holds two people together for life. Marriages are for a life time; two people come together and pledge to be by each other all their lives. They promise to be there for each other through all thick and thin and to always keep holding their partner’s hands no matter what befalls them. That’s the best part about marriage; two individuals being bound together in love for a lifelong journey.

Anniversaries are the most important dates to be marked after marriage. It is all the more so, if you have been together for a really long time. That deserves some real celebration. It is not only a celebration of two people being together for a long time but also a celebration of having created a family, given happiness to people around you. Your 60th anniversary is worth some celebration, definitely. So if you have managed to hold each other’s hand for 60 long years and want to make that day special for each other, here are some of the wishes to get you started with!

60th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

60th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Diamond Anniversary Wishes, Quotes, messages, gifts

  • We have had our fair share of good and bad times, joys and sorrows, storms and calmness, happiness and sad days. We have raised a family, daughters and sons, and all through these times, I knew you were the one. We have traveled the world but have always come back home, happily to each other. Looking back on the memories, I feel I wouldn’t have done it with anyone, but you. Happy anniversary, Sweetheart.
  • On our diamond anniversary, with silver in our hair, just remember all our memories and let me take you there.
  • We got married 60 years ago and the party is still going on. Happy anniversary, love.
  • Very few couples reach the diamond date, so in honor of our 60th year, it is time to celebrate! So let us raise a toast of love and life!
  • Many years have passed by and I often think and wonder why we are so lucky to have each other. To our children, you are a beautiful mother. I know I could never have anyone better as my life partner. You were the one always. Happy Diamond anniversary, soul mate.
  • On your diamond anniversary, all the diamonds cannot outshine the diamond you found when you found each other. Happy anniversary!
  • Congratulations on your special day, sixty happy years together. Here is wishing you all the love, health and togetherness, for years to come.
  • Silver gone, so did gold, Now with the diamond, great happiness you unfold!!! Happy marriage anniversary!!
  • Your marriage has completed fifty plus ten, Good luck and wishes for you again!!! Happy marriage anniversary!!!
  • Love and honesty you always maintained, And from helping each other you never refrained!!! Happy diamond marriage anniversary!!!
  • 60 years together I hope you got a Diamond or two on this special day We wish you all the very best wishes for your special Anniversary
  • Happy 60th marriage Anniversary I hope you have a Diamond Day!! With Lot’s of Love
  • Sixty years together, your diamond anniversary, we hope your day is special in each and every way.
  • Congratulations to you both It’s an extra special day, This card is sent with so much love On this your Diamond Marriage Anniversary.
  • Even after sixty years, your marriage still looks fresh, You have made us believe that the soul is just one, the difference is just the flesh!! Happy diamond Marriage anniversary!!!
  • Marriage is the strongest relation, today I have learnt, And all the misconceptions regarding it I have burnt!!! Happy diamond marriage anniversary!!!

These are some of the wishes that you could choose from. Good wishes are an integral part of any occasion; they are the gestures of care and compassion. So send out your lovely warm wishes to any couple who are hitting the 60th year of their ride together and make the day all the more special to them.

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