Belated Birthday Wishes for Friend: Forgetting the birthday of your best buddy can create a huge mess in your life, and your friend would be responsible for it. However, in the hustling and bustling environment, one can easily forget the birthday of the dearest one. However, the mistake of forgetting your friend’s birthday can be rectified by sending him or her lovely belated birthday wishes full of regret and blessings. Below is the most authentic and wonderful compilation of belated birthday wishes for friend that will save you from getting beaten and scolded by your friend.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

My best buddy, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday and I deserve some serious punishment for that. I was loaded with so much official work that wishing you slipped through my mind. Belated happy birthday to the soul of my body. May you be forever in great health and success!

Oh my goodness! I missed greeting you happy birthday and now you are going to crib about it all day long. Please forgive me and accept my heartfelt birthday wishes along with heaps of blessings and gifts. Belated happy birthday to my best buddy!

I didn’t wish you on time because the most special person always wishes in the end. Moreover, I don’t want to interrupt your birthday celebration and hog all the limelight. Belated happy birthday to my lovely friend. May you have a blasting birthday celebration!

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

The privilege that comes in a true friendship doesn’t come in any other relationship. I mean you can forget your friend’s birthday and make excuses. Your friend won’t mind at all. I know my buddy you’ll forgive me instantly for forgetting your birthday. Belated happy birthday, friend!

The older I am getting, the more frequently I am forgetting your birthday. I am so sorry for not wishing you on time. I hope you will forgive me quickly and send a big piece of yummy birthday cake. Belated happy birthday to my jovial friend!

It really saddens my heart when I forget to send lovely birthday greetings to my best friend before anyone else. I will surely compensate you with loads of gifts, love, and surprises. Belated happy birthday to the best friend ever!

Hey friend, thank you for being such a generous person and not scolding me in front of everyone for wishing you late. I know you must be feeling sad and depressed but I promise I won’t commit this mistake anymore. Happy belated birthday!

Another birthday has come and gone but my tradition to wish my friend in the last is still intact. When the whole world is done celebrating your birthday, I will be the one who comes with a scrumptious cake and smash on your face. Belated happy birthday to my best buddy!

Dear friend, I request you to receive my special and genuine birthday wishes wholeheartedly. You are entitled to scold me, hit me, block me, but you can’t ignore me. I am extremely sorry for wishing you so late. I promise that won’t happen again.

Hey friend, forgetting your happy birthday is not a huge deal so don’t make any fuss about it. You know very well that I have done it earlier as well. Don’t cry or blabber and accept my heartfelt belated birthday wishes.

It’s better to have a friend like me who at least wishes late than to have a friend like you who never wishes me birthday. I am sorry buddy, I got so deeply entangled in the office work that I forgot to send you even a birthday text. Belated happy birthday to my most beloved friend!

Hey buddy, I am not asking for instant forgiveness as the mistake I have committed is quite severe. However, I swear to god I forgot your birthday accidentally, not intentionally. I can understand how does it feel when your best buddy doesn’t wish you firstly. I am extremely sorry and belated happy birthday to you.

I have to admit that even a perfect individual like me can commit mistakes, sometimes. However, this time the extent of the mistake is humongous. I plead you to forget the fact that I forget to send a sweet birthday to you on time. Belated happy birthday to my best friend ever!

There was a time I used to blame you all the time for not wishing me on time, not bringing birthday gifts, and not surprising me. Now, I have fallen into the same category and we are equal. May life add umpteen colors, success, happiness, and love to your life. Belated happy birthday, friend!

Hey, dynamic man. How am I supposed to remember your birthday when you keep your Facebook account deactivated all the time. This is not my fault at all. I wish you remain a forever ardent and lovely human being. Belated happy birthday to my friend cum brother!

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Belated Birthday Messages for Friend 

Don’t blame me please my friend. Next time I make you believe it won’t happen. Wishing happy belated birthday to you! I know I am a little late but always late with love for you.

I am thankful to god that he has given me a friend like you who is like a brother to me. So my brotherly friend wishing happy belated birthday to you! I know how my work is. Forgive me this time.

Belated Birthday Messages for Friend 

I was not late but that day rainy weather has made me late to reach to your birthday party. Wishing happy belated birthday my dear friend! May you always be in wealth!

You don’t know how much I love you and you this love sometimes I take granted for but unknowingly it happens. You can understand. Wishing happy belated birthday my dearest friend! May you always be awake for your dreams!

We wish birthday late only to those people who are near and dear to heart. That’s why I became late. Wishing happy belated birthday my sweetest friend! May you never give up for something you like!

With many years of friendship between us, you know that I am always late. So forgive me and accept your belated birthday wishes. But you know my love and friendship are true for you. May you always be in honor! 

I can’t give you any proper reason to why I wish you birthday belated. You already know that I can’t remember birthdays. So that’s why wishing belated to you my cute friend. May you be in your own love before in anyone’s!

I know you are at heart very kindest girl. And I know you would forgive me for wishing your birthday late. But believe I didn’t do it intentionally love! Wishing happy belated birthday to my dearest friend who is so close to my heart as shine to its moon!

I know that I am always late on wishing birthday but you also know that my birthday gifts for you are always charming. Hence forgive me this time. Happy belated birthday my extremely talented friend! I love you. May you be always on the top of the world!

I so got busy in my work that I forgot how time is passing and then it is your birthday. I swear it won’t happen next time. Happy belated birthday my cutest friend! May you always be successful and peaceful in every step of your life!

My friend my phone’s battery got off and I could not wish you on time. Hence wishing happy belated birthday to my amazing friend! May you always get what you believe in! Your friendship is precious for me.

You are a pearl my friend, that rare pearl found in deep ocean. That kind of personality you are. Happy belated birthday my loveliest friend! May you soon get married! I just want that for you. You are so soulful.

Even we are in the same city yet I miss you every day. You are one of the nicest personalities. Sorry I forgot your birthday. It will never be again. Happy belated birthday to my best friend! May you live beyond your expectations! Blessings and prayers for you.

May nothing break you not outside and inside! Wishing happy belated birthday my dearest friend! My wife these days don’t remind me about important dates. We are having a fight. That’s why I forgot your birthday. Silly and funny reason you can say.

I just didn’t see the reminder and forgot your birthday. You know about my memory. Wishing happy belated birthday my beautiful friend! May you always see beauty in your life and create it too! You are admirable and adorable. Love you always.

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