2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Quotes, Images, Wallpaper, Love Messages for Couples

2nd wedding anniversary wishes, Quotes

  1. 2 years back, you came into my life as an angel transforming it into a much balanced and happening one. Thank you for my lady love. Happy Second wedding anniversary.
  2. Thank you for caring about me, filling my life with love and being there with me in all my ups and downs for the last 2 years. I need you to my last breath. Happy wedding anniversary.
  3. 2 years ago on this day together we had set for a new journey. Cheers to 2 years of success and cheers for the years to come ahead. Happy marriage anniversary.
  4. Raising a toast to this 2 years of union-Thank you for tolerating all my tantrums without complaining about a day. I am blessed to have you in my life. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary.
  5. Few people get what I got 2 years back on this day- A bond of friendship, love, and a lifelong commitment. Thank you Love for the moments you gave me till date. Happy Second marriage anniversary.

Second Marriage Anniversary Wishes

Relishing the most memorable day of your life with your partner by your side adds on to the importance of the day- it’s your wedding anniversary after all. It is the time which you must celebrate together keeping away all your problems at bay. 2 years ago it is on this day that you bumped into each other life with the vow to fill it with happiness. Having been able to live up to your vows for the last two years, it is a time you celebrate together making promises for years to come ahead.

2nd Marriage Anniversary Wishes, Quotes – Celebrating 2 Years Of Togetherness

Ditch your work stress but not the value of this day

Marriage anniversaries add spark to the old romantic days and thereby boost up the new love. Marriages indeed deal with expectations- some expectations that your spouse has from you and it is on the day of your anniversary when you need to ensure that you are able to give the best moment to him or her. The mantra you need to follow for the day is- ditch your work but don’t ditch the day. It is this very day which you need to make sure to spend with your spouse. Now how you are going to spend the day so as to make it enticing is up to you both.

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary Images

2nd wedding anniversary wishes

2nd wedding anniversary images


Few plans to make your anniversary special

You can start the day by getting a cake and cutting the same together. You can also light up your bedroom with beautiful red roses or oleanders or white lilies, turn on some soft music, lit up candles with an aroma to enhance the ambiance of the room. You can also throw a party at night or can take your spouse out for a romantic candlelight dinner. You can be sure of your better half to appreciate you for the decoration.  Your second anniversary is the celebration of the success of your 2 years of togetherness, amidst all the hurdles that came in your way. So don’t let this day go in vain by keeping yourself busy with work.

Some Wedding anniversary wishes to make the 2nd year a grand one

Of all the plans that you have in store for making your spouse feel special on your marriage anniversary, the most important thing is those 3 letters- Happy Marriage Anniversary. These three letters possess the capability of bringing that thousand dollars smile on their lips. But what about making this wish in a more special way? To help you make the best wish for the completion of2 years of your married life, here are some 2nd marriage anniversary wishes. Take a look-

Happy 2nd Wedding anniversary Quotes

second wedding anniversary quotes

Final Thought

So have a great married life ahead and make your love feel special each day in a new way.

2nd wedding anniversary