Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Wife and why should we keep them happy?

An anniversary is not a date on which you got married to your wife, Anniversary is the date which make you look for marriage anniversary wishes for wife who is a lovely partner who will stand by the side of you in your happiness, sadness, difficulties or when you think of taking risk but you are afraid. Anniversary is the date which makes you look for marriage Anniversary wishes who look no less than a princess; Anniversary is the date which make you look for marriage Anniversary wishes for wife who is a lady who left the castle of her father and came to stay with you. Love is something which is immortal and the world respects it.


Ladies like perfumes, new clothes, jewellery of course, but the thing for which they crave for is love, feelings, emotions, kind soft words are enough and sufficient sometimes to impress your lady love. World is a place where war, politics is hovering around, life has become very professional and far is not the day when we will behave no less than machines, hence to keep the human inside you alive start running your creative mind to write some marriage anniversary wishes for wife who stood by you in the hard battles of your life. She is the one who will raise your kids and bring pride to your clan, give her the respect because someone very well said that it is really easy to start and end a relationship in 21st century, love happens a first sight and divorce happens with the first fight, thus maintenance of a relationship is something which is really hard if you don’t know how to do it, but then this article inspires you to spend a lovely life ahead with your wife, it is not that hard as you think because writing marriage anniversary wishes for wife who is always ready to fight with your boss when he rejects your letter of holiday is not a big deal.

Why do we earn money?

The whole world is running behind earning money, people are working day and night to make money so that they can be happy, but we forget small things in this race to becoming rich which can keep us happy in this race too. We forget anniversaries, birthdays, we stop attending wedding parties, we don’t try making marriage anniversary wishes for wife, greeting cards on New Year, what are we doing? We are missing the joy of present thinking about the future, you never know what will happen tomorrow, it may happen that today may be the last day of yours on the planet earth, and tomorrow it may happen that you never wake up from your sleep, so why not enjoy today and make things happen.


Life is very short, try finding happiness in what you do be it buying gift for your brother, choosing dress for your sister of writing marriage anniversary wishes for wife, because they are someone who will always stay with you in every phase of life. Relationships are something which matters a lot and they are the one who keep you inspired and motivated to become MILLIONARE!