40th Marriage / Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Gifts

40th marriage anniversary wishes

Happy Ruby Anniversary for Parents

Your anniversary is a landmark of the time you and your spouse have spent together for the past year or several years. Each anniversary serves as a reminder of the tough times that you have been through and all the adversities that both of you had to face together, and also serves as a reminder of the fact that, no matter what came along the way, both of you were together through heaven and hell and you have achieved victory over things that many succumb to.

Like most things in life, the quote, the older the merrier, serves right for anniversaries. Every anniversary has a name by which it is known, and that name has a significance of its own. While the first anniversary is known as the Paper Anniversary in the United States or Cotton Anniversary in the United Kingdom, the 40th anniversary is universally known as the Ruby Anniversary, across the Globe. Why is the 40th anniversary called the Ruby Anniversary is a question often asked and although the answer is not particularly known, it is often argued that it is so because the red color of a ruby symbolizes eternal togetherness and prosperity? Below are two lists of names assigned to every anniversary, starting from the 1st to 15th

  1. Paper Anniversary
  2. Cotton Anniversary
  3. Leather Anniversary
  4. Linen or Silk Anniversary
  5. Wood Anniversary
  6. Iron Anniversary
  7. Wool Anniversary
  8. Bronze Anniversary
  9. Pottery Anniversary
  10. Tin or Aluminum Anniversary
  11. Steel Anniversary
  12. Silk Anniversary
  13. Lace Anniversary
  14. Ivory Anniversary
  15. Crystal Anniversary

40th wedding anniversary wishes, Quotes for parents

40th marriage anniversary quotes

The 30th, 35th and 40th marriage anniversary are known by the names, Pearl Anniversary, Coral or Jade Anniversary and the Ruby or Gladiolus Anniversary.

Marriage Anniversary wishes to my Mom and Dad

Every couple celebrates their anniversary in a different manner. When the anniversaries are old enough like 40, its often their kids who throw the party, arrange the hall, invite the guests and arrange for the events. As the 40th Anniversary is a special one, often the organizers arrange theme parties for the guests and invitees. As it is a theme party, the guests and invitees are asked to bring gifts which are specific to the 40th Marriage Anniversary Wishes

Below is a list of gifts that serve the purpose in any 40th anniversary-

  • If you want to gift the couple a bouquet of flowers, they may go for Gladiolus, as it well serves the purpose.
  • Gemstone gift for the 40th anniversary is Ruby

Other gifts can also be gifted, but the above are worthy of mention because they hold a special significance. The reasons as to why Gemstone is the gift of choice for 40 years of togetherness and Gladiolus is the choice of flower, is a debated topic till date, and a solid answer hasn’t been reached upon till date.

If you or any of your loved ones are celebrating their 40th anniversary, you can suggest them some theme party ideas and also let them know what to gift and dress, because everyone has an importance of its own and needs to be celebrated in its own manner and 40th Marriage Anniversary quotes demands to be special.

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40th marriage anniversary wishes to parents

40th wedding anniversary quotes to parents